Michele N. Adolphe

B.S, M.S, C.B.T.E

Chairwoman – National Caribbean Republican Council And Leadership Association ,

RNC Presidential Advisory Board

Ms. Adolphe is an alumnus of The Leadership Institute

Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI)

Founder of Empire State Coalition for Trump

Certified Entrepreneurship Teacher NFTE at Yale University School of Management

National Republican Committee (RNC) Field Organizer

The Leadership Institute Alumnus of National Youth Leadership School

Leadership Institute trained National Field Representative Campus Reform
  Michele N. Adolphe is a 20 years veteran in community organizing. She spent over 20 years in promoting educational leadership for parents and children in Kings County. Michele N. Adolphe is the founder and president of Brooklyn Institute for Children (BIC) where she has worked for over 18 years. Under Ms. Adolphe, BIC has developed into one of the foremost early childhood facilities in Brooklyn. And she herself has emerged as a leader in education and Business in Brooklyn NY. After graduating from the State University of New York (FIT) with a degree in Management and International Trade and Long Island University with a Master’s of Social Science degree, she is a (CBTE) certified business teacher entrepreneurship (NFTE) Yale University.  Ms. Adolphe entered the field of education and business as a NYC high school teacher – and later as Executive Director of The Performing Arts Teen Center, Inc, and sharing Hearts Network Inc. nonprofit organizations. In that capacity, Ms. Adolphe was responsible for designing and implementing numerous after school programs in Brooklyn that combined the academic needs of our youths and their artistic talents. A product of our area, Ms. Adolphe is a proud graduate of Erasmus Hall high school. Her familiarity with this district and her endeavors as a community leader have been distinguished by her vision that the 42nd Assembly District-whose residents have been underrepresented in Albany-  Because of her unsuccessful bid for State Assembly in her district she became the voice of the voiceless in her community.  Ms. Adolphe political talents led her to become a surrogate for many political leaders and elected officials. Since the year 2000, Ms. Adolphe experience in running political campaign at the city and State and Federal levels is outstanding. But one of her biggest accomplishment is being a member of Trump and Pence Campaign and plays a vital role to help Donald J. Trump Elected President of the United States of America.  Ms. Adolphe an alumnus of the Leadership Institute in VA is a member of National Diversity Coalition for Trump, the founder of Empire State Coalition for Trump and a Member of (MASF) Mighty American Strike Force these groups were great contributors in helping President Trump wining the White House.  She was deployed to key battle State of Pennsylvania for groundwork and GOTV with MASF under the leadership of Rick Potter.  Additionally, Ms. Adolphe political training as mention below reflects her performance in the field. RLI- DEPLOYMENT TEAM LEADER FOR TRUMP-PENCE CAMPAIGN 2016- Groundwork GOTV) to key battle State Pennsylvania with: Mighty American Strike Force Officially completed the Republican Initiative Training provided by the (RNC) as community and field organizer to manage Political campaigns at every level – to win political campaigns – to turnout votes – to identify target voters and setting vote goals – Early voting tools on how early to use absentee ballots –Voter’s contact strategies – Election day coordination activities voter’s turnout- Digital campaign and social media Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI) organizer, she was able to provide grassroots education to bring diversity in the GOP, neighborhood by neighborhood, community by community, and county by county as well as community outreach and assistance – voter registration, voter’s – individualize meetings, – petitioning, door to door campaign with ongoing recruitment. She trains and empowers community activists, college students, and youths to become effective leaders to run for public office. A Top performer who makes decisions to reflect positively on large-scale of community organizing program success in, value, goals and showcases an ability to see the “big picture” while boasting her experience, she is also a Multilingual communicator.   Ms. Adolphe is fluent in French and Haitian Creole.  Additionally, she is an active member of numerous professional and civic associations.  Ms.  Adolphe is a Brooklynite.